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1. The apartment is rented against legal documents and proof of passport. Advance amount paid for reservation is not refunded.

2. Rent is effective immediately and payment to be made at instant for entire period of the stay. Prices can be changed depending upon the occupancy. As soon as possession of an apartment is handed over, the entire amount is not refundable.

3. Apartment will be reserved immediately on receipt of   deposit and incase of   cancellation, the deposit amount is not refunded.

4. Possession of an apartment is handed over to you in good faith to maintain the property in good condition and in case of any damage caused to property or assets, you shall be liable to pay for all damages.

5. For convenience of our clients, we do not consider hotel check in and checkout time but time period is calculated on basis of handing over the possession for an apartment.

6. If desired we can provide you proof of residence with legal documents.

7. In case due to unforeseen circumstances, we are not able to provide the chosen apartment, we assure and guarantee you that we will provide you another apartment with same criteria at the same price.

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