Apartments №7

Two-room apartment, address is 16 Oktyabrsky Avenue

Two room apartment is displaced in the YUTZ district.
It is made the european style renovaion, the apartment is cozy with conditioner, two TV sets, CATV, DVD, heat-insulated floor, bar counter,cloakroom, sliding wardrobe.
There is one two-berth bed in the first roon. There is soft corner sofa which can be folded out as a two-berth bed if necessary in the second room.
There are soaking tub,infra-red sauna in the bathroom.
There are a refrigerator,microwave oven,electric kettle, dishwasher, automatic washing machine, all required utensil in the kitchen.
There are all needed sleeping gear,towels, slippers, bathrobes.


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60 $ per day

58 $ 3-day discount!

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